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Laboratory Perfumes

Design by Nature
05 October 2017
The results of Laboratory Perfumes’ latest artist collaboration, a botanical series created by PYRUS, has just been unveiled.
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Danny Sangra

Laboratory Perfumes

Room Service and Euphoria
14 September 2017
We asked the chronically irreverent artist, photographer and filmmaker Danny Sangra to explore the concept of fragrance.
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05 May 2017

Charlotte Heal x Laboratory Perfumes

Visually exploring the ideas behind our scents with designer and art director Charlotte Heal.
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16 September 2016

Zuza Mengham x Laboratory Perfumes

Transforming fragrance into 3D form, with artist and sculptor Zuza Mengham.
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05 May 2016

Therese Vandling x Laboratory Perfumes

Visually expressing the ideas behind our scents with graphic designer and image-maker Therese Vandling.
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04 March 2015

Lightning + Kinglyface x Laboratory Perfumes

Set designers Lightning + Kinglyface turn Laboratory Perfumes fragrances into beautiful still lifes
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26 February 2015

The Art and Science of Scent

You’re good-looking. You have taste. Like the sound of that? Are you touched? Much of the language of our everyday lives is informed by the myriad ways we perceive the world through our senses.
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